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Punching Machine

The punching machine app generates the reports of employees in time and our time at the office. Through this application the owner can get the information onthe employee’s schedule for the month or for the year. On the basis of this schedule the application itself creates the report of the employee timings. This app helps employees in their increment time.


Generate Fabrics (sari) Design Bills App

The redrose is the application where the user can generate the bills of the fabrics (sari). User can add the stocks and also can able to see the outstanding amount of the bills. In this application when the user generates the all over bills all the users who are using this application can get the notification of these changes and also […]


Online Purchase Design Sarees/Dress App

Tedeex is the application where the user can buy the products and services online from a vast range of varieties such as sarees, dress, etc. it is the commerce like application where the user can freely access the products and services as per their requirements and also get the bills through this application after creating an account. The user also can get the address of […]


Property Management Application

Uarbanlynk is the property management application which provides the facility to the user to get the property for rent by its functionality. This app includes the property manager who uploads the properties images on this application and the tenants, who want to buy the property, make a contact with that property manager for further meetings and process. This will helps […]


Vendor Search App

The vendor app is usable to the user to get the vendor’s list and their profile. For this the vendor needs to register their profile on this application. The user gets the information about the vendor’s work, profile, and other information if they need. The user gets the vendor’s list as per their requirements such […]


Nearby Hotels/Restaurants App

Wijhati is the application in which the user gets the advantage of information about nearby hotels, restaurants and general places. This app provides the functionality to book the hotel rooms, tables for food, online food order, get the information of general places. It provides the advantage to the users to book rooms as per their requirements. The user […]


Sport Event App

YAF is the application where the user can get the information about the sports events organized in a particular area. He/she can see the videos that are uploaded by the people. It is applied such as social media apps like Facebook where people upload their activities, but on this application people upload the sports activities like football, etc. it also includes the chat […]


E-commerce/Cleaning Equipment App

This application provides the various products and services for house cleaning equipment such as brushes, brooms, dust control mops, floor queezewiper, glass cleaning tools, moping equipment, ladder, duster, paper products, garbage bags, safety tools, scrubbers, general products etc. This application helps the user to get all the cleaning equipment without going to anywhere outside of the home. The […]


Food Order Booking/Restaurant App

Deli application is the online food order booking app that provides the facility to order the food sitting at the home no need to go outside. in this app the user can get the list and information about nearby restaurants and their menu. The user can order the food as per his/her liking. The user gets the food […]


Find Nearest Store App

GKN is the application where users can find the nearest store and also user can add own store as a store owner. Also user can give a review and rating of store so another user easily find the best store through rating and review. In this application user need to create the account to get the nearest store information. Users can only get […]