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Node JS is an open source, completely free, cross platform run time environment for executing java script code server side. It enables java script to be used for server side scripting and runs the scripts to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to user’s web browser. It becomes one of the foundational elements of the java script. We are using node JS in are development of website as it is very powerful java based framework built on google.it is useful to develop web applications like video streaming sites, single page applications.

Node.js permits the creation of net servers and networking tools victimization JavaScript and a set of “modules” that handle numerous core practicality. Modules area unit provided for classification system I/O, networking (DNS, HTTP, TCP, TLS/SSL, or UDP), binary information (buffers), cryptography functions, information streams, and different core functions. Node.js’s modules use Associate in Nursing API designed to scale back the complexness of writing server applications.

Node.js applications will run on UNIX operating system, macOS, Microsoft Windows, NonStop, and UNIX operating system servers. as an alternative, they will be written with CoffeeScript (a JavaScript alternative), Dart or matter (strongly typewritten types of JavaScript), or the other language which will compile to JavaScript.

Node.js is primarily accustomed build network programs like net servers. the largest distinction between Node.js and PHP is that almost all functions in PHP block till completion (commands execute solely when previous commands have completed), whereas functions in Node.js area unit designed to be non-blocking (commands execute in parallel, and use callbacks to signal completion or failure).

Node.js brings event-driven programming to net servers, sanctionative development of quick net servers in JavaScript. Developers will produce extremely climbable servers while not victimisation threading, by employing a simplified model of event-driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion of a task. Node.js connects the convenience of a scripting language (JavaScript) with the facility of UNIX operating system schedule.

Node.js was designed on the Google V8 JavaScript engine since it absolutely was open-sourced underneath the BSD license, extraordinarily quick, and skilled with web fundamentals like hypertext transfer protocol, DNS, TCP. Also, JavaScript was a widely known language, creating Node.js instantly accessible to the whole net development community.

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