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Larval is a web application framework provides expressive and elegant syntax. It takes the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in most of the projects like authentication, sessions and caching, etc.. it aims to create development process a pleasing one for developer without sacrificing application functionalities. It is accessible and providing powerful tools needed for large, robust applications. We are using for web development as it provides the benefits of unit testing, security, migration system for databases, modular, provide well organized, reusable code, fast development possibilities.

Featured programs:

Prepared-to-use bundles supplied through Laravel thru Composer and Packagist include the following

  • Cashier, introduced in Laravel 4.2, gives an interface for dealing with subscription billing services provided with the aid of Stripe, along with coping with coupons and generating invoices.
  • SSH, delivered in Laravel four.1, allows programmatic execution of CLI commands on remote servers using the comfortable Shell (SSH) as an encrypted network protocol.
  • Scheduler, added in Laravel five. 0, is an addition to the Artisan that lets in the programmatic scheduling of periodically carried out obligations. Internally, the Scheduler is predicated on the cron daemon to run an unmarried Artisan process that, in a flip, executes the configured obligations.
  • Flysystem, delivered in Laravel five. zero, is a documentation system abstraction layer that lets in neighborhood record systems and cloud-primarily based garage offerings furnished by using Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud to be used transparently and within the same way.
  • Socialite, introduced in Laravel 5. zeroes as a non-obligatory bundle, offers simplified mechanisms for authentication with exceptional OAuth vendors, consisting of Fb, Twitter, Google, GitHub and Bitbucket.

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