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Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Sensussoft is providing reliable and cost effective server maintenance services. With this maintenance service we also provide support for proper installation and server integration services. This maintenance service is provided by our highly skilled and professional team via email, video call, chat or by phone. We are highly appreciated for reliable and instant response.

It is the process of keeping the server updated and working in a shape because servers take care of all your data so it is important to watch and properly care for them so that you don’t lose valuable information in case of an errorit includes the services such as,

  • Examining server logs files
  • Evaluating hard disk space
  • Checking folder permissions
  • Installing security software
  • Inspecting security features
  • Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems
  • Updating antivirus software on all computers on the networks

It will boost your overall business productivity. It will save the time and increase your work efficiency by working with greater speed. If anything goes wrong server maintenance gives the assurance to be recovering lost or damaged date. You will able to work before your clients have the chance to notice there was an issue.

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