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Our Infrastructure

Sensussoft has used the space as company infrastructure in such a way that is comfortable for all the employees to work properly. As per the client’s review Sensussoft proven as a reliable and robust IT service provider.

  • Area-2000 Sq feet.
  • Conference room or main office cabin for client meeting and client communication.
  • 24*7 CCTV cameras for providing secure and safe working environment.
  • Restriction on the use of electronic device.
  • Security system to protect from the hackers.
  • Safe, hygienic drinking water is to be provided, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided, First aid appliances are to be provided to an employee.
  • A sufficient number of latrines and urinals are to be provided in the office, for the lunch pantry room facility is provided, Adequate washing places such as wash basins with soaps.
  • A good ventilation where a supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside, a reasonable working temperature, lightning suitable for the work being carried out, enough room space and suitable workstations and seating arrangements are there, a clean workplace with appropriate waste containers are there.